A Season’s Gifts


In many parts of the world it is the season of rest. Nature hibernates or slows.

Our winter in northern California has yet to fully rest. Today I took a walk in a warm sunshine that felt like spring, thankful while being hopeful for the blessings of rain and rest.

Seasons are unpredictable, not up to us. Gifts from the Creator, they come and bring what they have.

I remember visiting a small Amish bakery in Missouri when my children were young. It was a sweltering summer day, and as we stepped into the warm darkness of the little bakery, my son exclaimed to an elder Amish man, “It’s hot!”

The man smiled and said, “We take the blessing of each day. Without the warmth we would not have the grain to bake the bread.”

I’m learning to live in the uncertain, within nature’s seasons and life, with a blend of acceptance and expectation.

With thankfulness and with hope.

Each day made by God a day to be thankful. Psalm 118:24



  1. Nancy Lopez

    Love you Jan! Love the way you think and the way you write. It’s so true, isn’t it…the importance of learning to live in the uncertain seasons of our lives.

  2. jankern

    Thank you, Nancy. You’re such an encouragement to me. But yes, it is so true. And we also live in uncertain times that go far beyond the unpredictability of a life season or a weather season–more so, perhaps, than has been true in the past. To be able to learn to live in those seasons with peace, hope, and expectation is a gift from God.

  3. I know what you mean about winter in Northern California. We are so spoiled, and yet today we experienced a hail storm. :-) I also know what you mean about uncertain times. They can drop in unexpectedly, but I’m so thankful that the Lord can heal wounds inflicted by the loss of trust in relationships.

  4. By the way, I hope to meet you (another fellow California girl) at Mount Hermon in two weeks.

  5. jankern

    So being a California girl you know how the unpredictable weather (especially this winter!) can be a picture for the unpredictable seasons of our lives. And it also sounds like you’ve experienced firsthand how very powerfully present God can be in any of our experiences of unpredictability. One of those is a violation of trust in a relationship that leave you feeling as if the earth dropped out from under you. May God be so very present with you in this healing season.

    And I look forward to meeting you at Mount Hermon too!

  6. Meeting you at Mount Hermon was a blessing Jan. I was actually encouraged by the ink from your pen on the pages of the devotionals I sent for critique. Your insights and suggestions were sprinkled with wisdom that will help in my future writing. I began writing a fiction story as soon as I arrived home from the conference. I trust the Lord will ooze through my pen as I write His story. This unkempt, curly head of mine will be bent in prayer a great deal until my trek up the mountain to the Writers conference next year, where I hope to visit with you again.

    • Jan Kern

      So good to meet you, Jenni. I’d love to hear an update on your writing as you have time. Email me or find me on Facebook.

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