Discover Your Voice

We each have a voice, an identity that is amazingly unique and God-designed. What would it be like to live more boldly in your voice and how God has uniquely created you on purpose and for a purpose? Discover and step into your voice... 

FlowerOutofRocks500x500Be a Voice of Courage 

Voice of Courage is an organization in its seed stages. It is founded and being developed to encourage and empower women to step into their God-given potential to better love and serve the communities in which they live.

Voice of Courage is for All Women

Are you an individual who, due to life's circumstances, feels you have lost your voice, your sense of who you are as a unique person created in God's image? Someone who longs to tell your story and desires to allow God to take you to new, bold places with your life? Voice of Courage offers opportunities for you to grow and develop who you are as an individual and as a leader through training or workshop offerings or through one-on-one coaching or spiritual direction.

Are you already an influencer or leader in your community but are desiring to explore how best to develop and use the unique gifts that God has given you? Voice of Courage can partner with you personally or with your organization or ministry to facilitate the creation of new avenues for serving each other and your communities.

One area of emphasis for Voice of Courage is working with young women who are vulnerable to becoming trapped in human trafficking. That is a passion for me, and I am beginning to partner with organizations to offer services that help these priceless young women to develop a strong sense of who they are and to strengthen their unique gifts and talents in creatively loving and serving others.

How might I serve and encourage you to be a voice of courage?

Ministries and Organizations

Contact Jan if you'd like to talk about team coaching or training for your women's leadership team . . .

. . . or if would like her to work with you to design a workshop, luncheon, or spiritual retreat that fits your goals for the women your serve.


Contact Jan if you would like individual coaching or spiritual mentoring as you seek to use your gifts and your voice more creatively and powerfully. . .

. . . or if you simply would like to have a conversation about what it could look like for you to have a "voice" right where you live within your family situation or community.

Building Team

It is my hope, dream, and prayer that Voice of Courage will become a team of women working together. As I continue the work and service I'm already doing in my communities--as an author and speaker, life coach, workshop leader and retreat facilitator--I will be watching for those individuals that God may lead to be a part of what Voice of Courage is becoming. While I am launching in the greater Sacramento area, I am excited and open to seeing how God may lead a Voice of Courage team to widen our scope of ministry and service.

Tell Me About You!

I am still in the praying and planning stages as I work toward a full launch, but I am available to have a conversation with you about how I might partner with you. I look forward to serving you and facilitating the strengthening of your voice and your ministry reach in your community! Please feel free to tell me more about you through the contact page or use that page to express interest in receiving occasional email alerts for updates on Voice of Courage as it develops. 

I look forward to hearing from you!