A Personal Note


Thank you for stopping by.

I bet you are an amazing person to know, and I hope to someday meet you and hear your story of courage and transformation. For now, I'd like to give you a small peek into my heart so if we do meet, you may feel I've already introduced myself and we can begin our conversation with your story. Yours is one of value and worth telling!

I am that Jan that you read about in my work and ministry bio. But more than an author, speaker, mentor, or life coach, I am a woman who deeply loves God and whom He is daily transforming. I am a wife, mom, sister, friend, and someone who enjoys moving forward in my life with God-inspired courage, creativity, and vision.

I have also been in a bit of transition, which has not always been easy. Okay, truthfully it's been hard. Really hard. Seasons like that in our lives, I believe, are expected . . . and when we see past the inconvenience or difficulty of them, they can be a gift. Admittedly, it took me some time before I saw it that way.

For quite a few years, I focused on speaking around youth issues, particularly tough issues and cultural topics. It made sense. I had worked in children's and youth ministry before marriage and then have worked alongside my husband at a residential ministry for at-risk youth all of our married life. We're still there.

As a friend, mentor, and writer I’ve met with teens and young adults, sometimes climbing into the painful trenches to help them tell their stories and grab hold of God’s loving, transforming hand. I’ve watched and sought to encourage them as they opened themselves to God’s work of lifting them out of those dark trenches. I’ve cheered them on as they courageously embraced the hope that could splash across the pages of the rest of their stories.



These experiences, relationships, and passions are still a part of who I am today and what I take forward into what’s next.

What is next? I'm not entirely sure. Can any of us be?

But this is what I know...

God took me into a deep journey, one that felt a little like a Jonah-in-the-belly-of-the-whale experience. In part, this has included God drawing me to refine and shift my writing and speaking primarily toward women. This certainly isn't a brand new passion for me, but still this focused direction in some ways means starting over in my writing and speaking “career.” That's okay. Perhaps similar to Jonah, I could not do otherwise.

I still speak to teens and young women, helping them embrace their unique identity and where God is taking them. I’ve led college-age women in leadership training or spiritual retreats, met with new moms and career women as a life coach or faith journey mentor, engaged moms of teens, empty nesters, or retirees in conversations about courage and transitions and nurturing their gifts and voice. 

Whether as an author, speaker, mentor, or life coach--or as a mom, sister, or friend--I’m passionate about encouraging each woman that God brings into my life to courageously discover and live the design to which He has called her.

I love being a woman alongside other women living out the transformational journey God has for each of us. I hope I have the privilege of meeting you someday.

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